There are many difference content management systems (CMS), and if your running a business than your going to need a simple and effective way of updating your website.

Building a website from scratch can be a huge job and with a content management system many of the common functions like an image gallery, content editor, SEO and client management will already be included.

This article will look at the pros and cons of the common WordPress CMS platforms and the MODx platform


Firstly, let’s look at the open source platform WordPress. Traditionally WordPress was just a blogging platform, however since 2003 it has evolved considerably.

Three Pros of using WordPress

1. Free Open Source CMS

WordPress is open source, meaning anyone can use it, modify it and distribute it. Many of the themes and plugins are free under the GPLv2 license. As it is open source software, programmers can openly share code across the internet, which can save developers a lot of time.

2. User Friendly

With a few basic tutorials, WordPress in its basic form is simple to use. Originally just a blogging system, editing pages of your WordPress website is straight forward.

2. Plugins

There are thousands of plugins some which are free and others that are paid. These plugins make adding functionality to your website easy.

Three Cons of using WordPress

1. Website Hacks

Due to the popularity of the WordPress platform and it being open source, many hackers are fully aware of the vulnerabilities that may exist within your website. In order to maintain your website integrity, lots of updates are needed to help prevent attacks on your site.

2. Website Speed

WordPress can become extremely slow which effects SEO and can prove frustrating for business owners trying to make edits to their site.

3. SEO

Whilst WordPress is not bad at SEO, it certainly lacks basic practices and requires additional plugins in order to tick this box. Site speed also affects the systems ability to rank well when up against other platforms.

MODx - Content Management System

One of the latest open source content management systems, MODx uses the latest in PHP and MYSQL functionality. Full of nice features, MODx is a popular choice by real web developers and coders.

Pros of MODx

1. Fast Loading CMS

Unlike the majority of other content management systems, MODx uses a framework whereby HTML files are loaded directly from the database. Because of this process, page loading becomes super quick.

2. Simplified Template Coding

MODx is easier to use than most CMS platforms and works smarter by using a system of snippets and chunks. Compared to the template engine of PHP, the MODx system makes more sense.

Due to the template coding system it makes coding extremely flexible for both small and large website projects.

3. SEO Friendly

When it comes to search engines, it is clear they prefer websites built using MODx, making it SEO friendly right from the beginning. It features friendly URL rewriting straight out of the box as well as makes it easy to setup page titles and meta tags.

4. Easy for clients

MODx is equipped with a quick edit feature, a unique system where clients can simply navigate to any page and make edits at the click of a button.

5. Secure against Hackers

MODx is far more superior against hackers and requires less updating than other CMS platforms. The system was architected from day one with security in mind.

Cons of MODx

1. Plugins

MODx is not like WordPress, whilst there are plugins available you can expect to pay for them. Developers invest a lot of time and effort in ensuring correct functionality and security.

2. Not for the beginner

MODx is designed for the developer, and whilst tech savvy individuals can certainly build a website with it, the MODx system has been designed by developers for developers.

3. More expensive

You can expect to pay a little more when compared to WordPress. MODx does not provide out of the box themes and templates and requires more development.