As Facebook and Instagram continues to study our browsing behaviours, the wealth of big data now allows advertisers to talk directly to their target audience when they are connecting with friends on various social channels. By split testing and optimising many elements within a social campaign, in some instances - social media marketing can outperform Google Ads! 

Social Media MarketingAdditionally - some industries on Google are now very expensive, so a more efficient path to market can be social - particularly when you have a specific audience you want to reach.

The team here at Webfrog would love to have a conversation about your current target audience and based on 2 or 3 key audience personas or profiles - we are able to target ads to your ideal audience with sniper like precision. 

For example - below are some Facebook audience strategies that Webfrog are currently achieving high performing ROI from:

  •  Remarketing
  •  Interest targeting
  •  Lookalike targeting
  •  Email list targeting
  •  Friends of fans
  •  Competitor targeting
  •  Demographic
  •  Engagement audiences [eg video view]
  •  Shopping Cart abandoners [for eCommerce clients]
  •  Loyalty clients

Digital Creative

In this day & age, given the fragmented marketing landscape online now, its more important than ever for brands to stand out from the online clutter to be noticed. 

Video content has the best interaction rate with carousel images also useful at catching the eye. Facebook lead ads are another popular way to capture leads as well as the user's profile.

Facebook is not just a lead tool but useful for brand awareness tool. Facebook ads reach a significant amount of targeted eyeballs at a very reasonable rate. 

Less and less advertisers send a message out to just anyone now - and as such your Facebook or Instagram feed will likely have more ads directly targeted to you. We can help drive your ads to your audience, focus on growing your social media brand in tandem, whilst ultimately providing a healthy return on investment.