Are you starting a new business? Wondering what do I do next? Do you doubt you are capable? Then please read some advice I would like to share.


Tip#1- Starting your own business is fantastic; it's exciting because for once you are doing something you believe in. The most important tip I can give you about being your own boss is make time for your family and most importantly you. When you are home leave your work in the office. New businesses often get rather demanding for a number of common reasons.


1. Your learning and reading lots of new information

2. You will try to keep working until your idea is complete

3. Your limited with staff so you can find yourself the jack of all trades

4. Will find yourself constantly brain storming

5. Stressing about finances, jobs and doubting yourself


Tips#2 - If you have not done so, complete a marketing plan. These are a powerful tool and when used correctly will keep you on track and assist you in identifying your business needs as well as market position. They will identify your target audience and assist in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly remind yourself that you can do it.


Tip#3 - Consider your financial position. How much investment are you prepared to make? Consider a low overhead option if possible. Websites are a fantastic option as they allow you to maintain minimal staff, filter time wasters by answering common questions and will generate genuine enquiries about your product and services.


Tip#4 - Consider your tax requirements for your state. Complete the necessary registrations in order to avoid hefty fines and large tax bills. This should be done at your earliest convenience and preferably before you start trading.  A local accredited accountant will assist with this process. I would recommend visiting for information on registering businesses within your state.


Tip#5 - Arrange business phone number (s). A great option for small businesses is Skype. Download and install on your business computer, grab yourself a headset or USB Skype phone and plug it in. There you have a cheap and professional way to keep in contact with your customers. Once you have signed up you can even purchase yourself a phone number. This is about $80 a year but gives your customers a sense of reliability and trust that they can call someone.


Tip#6 - Think about some forms of advertisement that you are going to do. We generally focus on a local level for small business when starting out. This will consist of your new website design, local Newspaper, flyer drops, club sponsoring, signage displays, a sign out the front of your premises, your motor vehicle and of course Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Always carry business cards on you and hand one to every person you meet. Its personal and no one will turn down a business card. That's just one more person who has learnt about you and your business.